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decided to share a few old writings of mine...


Your love never dims, your light never fades
I'm always in your sweet embrace
You're never gone, You're always here
right beside me
You lift me up when times are hard
You fill my cup and my soul's recharged
but it's hard to mend
when my souls' blackened
by the sin im enslaved by
Please wash me clean, shine away the dark
release these chains around my heart
around my soul
that the devil wont hold
because its enveloped by the Holy One
temptaion will come and smack my face
but i'll pull through with Your love and grace
no more sorrow, no more fear, no eternal agony
You've paid the price, You've shed your blood
It's all inside Your written Word
"Believe in me, I'll set you free
my child, my beloved children."
Amazing how I've come this far
always in contact with my maker
and He speaks to me, spiritually
which lets me know that im his loved one
I'll seek Your face till the day i die
and when i arise into the sky
I know I'll be
much more happy
because I'm with the Risen one
My Righteous Mighty King
my El Shaddai.


I'm perched at this spot where I try to find the words
delectable enough to keep your attention
I am poised by destruction
I'm relentless as a savage
I am half way to here
and far away from there
I don't know where I'm going
I don't know where You'll take me
I am flying off this ride
that your cruise control was set on
my shadiness exposed
and my eyes are wide and open
I am no longer a favorite
all my ties, they have dissolved
Amidst all this chaos, I know who I can turn to
There is peace in this traffic of colliding emotions.
I am calm in knowing His love keeps me here
He humbles me with his kindness, patience, and strength
He is what preserves the little reminance of purity
In Him all faith and hope can rest assured
will you listen to me now
will you hear the words im saying
Do you know what a Beauty, what a Lover, what a Friend
that can pick us up from the dirt again and again
All of my heart is overtaken with the joy I'm possesed by
Because in one God I will always depend
now youve heard, breath it in
the choice is all your own.


the miraculous love of God is a feeling always so intese
the immaculate beauty of His name bares tears of joy to my eyes
my happiest times are when im immersed in his presence
this peace I feel, i know will never subside
God's mercy, God's grace is what keeps my candle lit
In this horrific world full of hate and darkness
in awe i remain of his omniscient being
just the thought of rejoicing with Him eternally
brings a hope this heart has never seen
such a hope, such an amazing gift
anyone person can obtain
if they just humble themselves, have faith and remain
under the wing of our Lord, our El Shaddai

For You I live, my Father

I love you.
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