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some sweet action

It's always interesting when OBW are around. Freagin johnny was sleep walking last night and talking about eating oats in his sleep. crazy kid, but he was the sweetest guy. It was awesome meeting eric too. we had an awesome talk about music theory, taoism,christianity and all that good excited for them to come back again with bury your dead and the red chord!! in april, but just not excited to clean up after their messy booties. Johnny's amazing pancakes almost made up for cleaning up after them, but not quite. At least they didnt kill one of my cats this time :( I seriously prayed so hard that God would give me strength in just being a loving example to them, but it's hard with jonathan because when he acts all cocky i always wanna act cocky back and call him names hahaha. It's really distracting with all of them, thats why its good that they only stayed for 2 days and not the whole week. But all in all we had a good time and I'm gladd Johnny stayed with us for one night of it,he's so amusing.

Last night was a good show, OBW should have headlined so the kids wouldnt have left, but oh well. the shattered realm guys seemed like the funniest people..the drummer has this beautiful tattoo on his thigh that has this immaculate color..i seriously got so excited when i saw it.

I also saw a lot of wonderful faces that I havent seen in a while. It was kinda like a hellfest reunion. Last hellfest when the whole chris thing went down, I met bailey and he was so awesome. He was hanging out and talking with me the whole night, it was great. Granted I dont know him that well, but I can just tell he's definately a genuine dude. Then hellfest 2001-03 we were always hanging out with the remembering never duders and of course we saw Pete and Danny last night which was awesome as well. I kinda thought Danny wouldnt remember me 'cause everytime he walked by he looked all pissed off and didnt say anything, so I was kinda bummed. But then after the show I just was like,"what the heck I'm gonna say hi" so I did and he's like "duuude!! it's sooo good to see you" and it turned out he was just super pissed because their bassist just bailed out on them that night. So now they have to try and teach Wheeler all the songs before tonight. Then he told me that I brightened up his night...he's so sweet. He's probably number one hugger right now. Best hugs ever. oh yeah! and then Joe too,(though that was FF) even though I didnt really get to talk to him, which sucked, but at least I got to see him and have a little small talk. I always feel weird talking about bands in this looks like im some name dropper or something..but i dunno i wanna write down all these good memories before they escape my mind, like everything else does so quickly. But overall it was really good seeing everyone. It was a good night. I love meeting all these new people too, it's great.

Greg took me to this Wednesday night Bible study in Redlands 2 wednesdays ago. It's such an amazing thing, I love it. And that too, I met a lot of new people. Most of them I've seen at shows a lot, but never really talked to 'em. Definately cool people. I saw Daniel and Joe from there at the show last night just hanging out. Good deal.

I cant wait for card night this week. Im not sure what day though, but it definately needs to happen. It should be potluck/card night. Yes, then i dont have to buy food with the money that i dont have ha. It's weird like I'm happy with everything and excited 'cause I got to see friends from far away lands, but something feels like...missing? I dont know it feels kinda incomplete. I cant exactly pinpoint it. Or maybe something is going to happen tonight. God's pulling on my heart for something and I dont know what it is. I'm going to pray about it..that's the only way to solve this. I should be praying keeping that constant line with God throughout the day..thats when things feel complete because i take back seat and let him drive me the places i need to go.

I freagin miss talking to Blake. I have this fear that he is just going to stop talking to me all together and not even wanna be my friend 'cause he's like through with me or something. I dont want our friendship to be different at all..I hope he doesnt want that too. Jessica and I were talking in the car the other day about how we wish that our hormones would be dormant until it was the right time to meet our husbands. That would seriously take away a lot of bad things that happen...but I guess we need the bad things to help our character grow and learn. I dunno...God knows way more than I ever can, so I'm just trying my hardest to listen to Him and do what He wills. Pretty difficult though.

Well, Cha Cha is coming over now so i must go...i love you all very very much. God bless yas.

peace and love from above
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