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Xsooobrutalx: why are you up??
xCallToArmsx: why are YOU up??
Xsooobrutalx: because i just got home
xCallToArmsx: me too
Xsooobrutalx: !!!
Xsooobrutalx: but its 8:00am there!
Xsooobrutalx: thats late young man
Xsooobrutalx: oh wait
Xsooobrutalx: you were working
Xsooobrutalx: eff!
Xsooobrutalx: i was suppose to call you!
xCallToArmsx: yes ma'am
xCallToArmsx: :(
Xsooobrutalx: crap!
Xsooobrutalx: dang it
Xsooobrutalx: ah man, blake im so sorry
xCallToArmsx: its no big deal dear
xCallToArmsx: work actually went by pretty fast
Xsooobrutalx: good, im glad to hear it
Xsooobrutalx: makes me feel better haha
xCallToArmsx: although i was clinging to the hope that i would recieve a certain phone call... but alas... it never came..
Xsooobrutalx: haha why must you torture me
xCallToArmsx: cause i'm tired, and i need something to do
xCallToArmsx: what did you do all night, beside NOT calling your so-called "friends"?
Xsooobrutalx: haha
Xsooobrutalx: well i went to the shpw
Xsooobrutalx: then
Xsooobrutalx: we were hanging out at in and out
Xsooobrutalx: then we went to my friend shouse and watched a movie
Xsooobrutalx: good times were had...but i still kinda feel weird
xCallToArmsx: how was the show?
Xsooobrutalx: it was pretty good
xCallToArmsx: weird?
Xsooobrutalx: but there's this crew down here that everytime they come to a show there are fights, i thought we were cleared because they hadnt been there the whole night
Xsooobrutalx: then right when norma jean was about to play, of course there they are
Xsooobrutalx: and of course
xCallToArmsx: thats dumb
Xsooobrutalx: a fight started
xCallToArmsx: we've got some douches like that here too
xCallToArmsx: that's so lame
Xsooobrutalx: yeah, i think thats why i feel weird everytime i come home from a show lately
Xsooobrutalx: i feel cheated
Xsooobrutalx: like
Xsooobrutalx: i know im gonna totally sound lame right now
Xsooobrutalx: but this is really how i feel
xCallToArmsx: yah, you're probably right.. but i wont make fun of you for it :-P
Xsooobrutalx: i fell in love with hardcore first because its awesome music, but secondly because of the fact that everyone was so unified and realized we all came to the shows for a common reason
Xsooobrutalx: we all have at least one thing in common
Xsooobrutalx: and thats being into whatever band is playing
Xsooobrutalx: and, like just little things i see
Xsooobrutalx: like not picking someone up when they fall
Xsooobrutalx: or not tryin to help a person out when they tie their shoe
Xsooobrutalx: like the whole scene used to be saturated with "brotherly love" so to say
Xsooobrutalx: and now
Xsooobrutalx: its all just diluted
Xsooobrutalx: and
xCallToArmsx: or going around with everyone and punching kids wearing good charolette shirts in the face...
Xsooobrutalx: not really serving its purpose anymore
Xsooobrutalx: that too
xCallToArmsx: just kidding
Xsooobrutalx: haha yeah
xCallToArmsx: no, i know exactly what you mean
Xsooobrutalx: i dunno, like this shouldnt be affectiung me as much as it really is
xCallToArmsx: i really couldn't have put it better actually
xCallToArmsx: well.. actually it should be
xCallToArmsx: i mean, its YOUR scene just as much as it is anyone elses
Xsooobrutalx: yeah, its all of our scene
Xsooobrutalx: and the stinkin kids who view themselves to be so elite
Xsooobrutalx: just because theyve been in the scene for x amount of years
Xsooobrutalx: and know x amount of bands
xCallToArmsx: i mean, your right, it was always supposed to be about unity and love and stuff.. because hxc was supposed to be a common factor amoung the kids who were exiled from other cliches..
Xsooobrutalx: they think that gives them the right to act like a complete jerk and belittle anyone who isnt "cool" or who they dont know
Xsooobrutalx: exactly
Xsooobrutalx: and i feel like a sitting duck
Xsooobrutalx: like i know what i want to say
xCallToArmsx: however, once it started to get popular.. more kids who didnt know the ropes and stuff started coming in.. and then the whole social structure started inside of what was never supposed to be about classes and sttuff
Xsooobrutalx: and i wanna say it to anyone in this scene that i can...but i dont have the means to do it
Xsooobrutalx: thats true
Xsooobrutalx: and thats what happens to things when the masses start to feed into it
Xsooobrutalx: with anything
Xsooobrutalx: with philosophies, music, anything
xCallToArmsx: unfortunately its human nature
Xsooobrutalx: it gets watered down to draw even more people in it so it isnt so "radical"
Xsooobrutalx: yeah, but i wont accept that
xCallToArmsx: i know exactly what you're talking about, and its funny you bring this up because i was just talking about it a couple days ago
xCallToArmsx: i was talking to two friends about our convo about the whole sxe thing, and people neglecting the whole "sex" part of it.. and since we're all going to be in a band together, we really want to start educating people about it and what it really is
xCallToArmsx: and then we started to talk about things like this.. just like violence and all the crap.. and someone has to speak out against it
xCallToArmsx: or at least bring it to peoples attention
Xsooobrutalx: yes most def
Xsooobrutalx: and thats the thing
Xsooobrutalx: the only way to effectively do it
Xsooobrutalx: is through the source
xCallToArmsx: unfortunately, no one listens anymore... they've all heard it before.. and they wont listen unless you have something of value to them, or you're someone they look up to
Xsooobrutalx: which would be a band
Xsooobrutalx: well
Xsooobrutalx: k see my band, our guitarist is gone now and my singer seems to be conmtent with his new band, even though he swears to me he's not
Xsooobrutalx: so im kinda lost as far as that goes
Xsooobrutalx: and this may sound pretty lame
Xsooobrutalx: but since im a chick and if i were to speak out while we were playing shows
Xsooobrutalx: and say it in a way that would grab their attention
Xsooobrutalx: i think kids would listen
Xsooobrutalx: granted i may be wrong
Xsooobrutalx: but when we played shows before
xCallToArmsx: oh no, you're totally right
Xsooobrutalx: they're undivided attention was paid to us
Xsooobrutalx: their
xCallToArmsx: if there's a hot girl playing in a band, or something like that.. guys will definately pay attention
Xsooobrutalx: well like im not even hot, its just that im a chick
Xsooobrutalx: who plays an instrument
Xsooobrutalx: so they listen i guess
Xsooobrutalx: i dont get it, but it works for me
xCallToArmsx: and if you, being a hot girl, were to get up there and start talking about stuff, i think you'd at least break through a little bit of their hard headed shell
xCallToArmsx: i mean, i see stuff like that happen all too much with stephanie at shows and stuff
Xsooobrutalx: i want to use everything i have to get them to at least listen
Xsooobrutalx: yeah seriously huh
xCallToArmsx: unfortunately most guys have the wrong agenda on their mind, if you know what i mean
Xsooobrutalx: yeah
xCallToArmsx: i dont know.. it's a tricky situation
xCallToArmsx: i think it's really awesome that you're aware of stuff like this though, and have the motivation to want to do something
Xsooobrutalx: but blake, like i really dont understand why
xCallToArmsx: i mean, just trying anything, is better than doing nothing
xCallToArmsx: why kids are like this now?
Xsooobrutalx: like, its to the point where all i think about is how it needs to cahnge i think maybe God is calling me to do something
Xsooobrutalx: no like why im so bothered by it
Xsooobrutalx: its nothin of my own
xCallToArmsx: you're bothered by it because it's something that's not supposed to be this way
Xsooobrutalx: or, man i dont know
Xsooobrutalx: yeah
xCallToArmsx: i mean, even if you were new to everything, and you saw some of the crap that's going on.. you'd know that that isn't really the way it is
Xsooobrutalx: well if i was new to it, i wouldnt knwo the difference
Xsooobrutalx: thats another problem
Xsooobrutalx: like the new kids come
Xsooobrutalx: sand see this
Xsooobrutalx: then they think thats the norm
xCallToArmsx: but everybody just lets things slide.. i mean its easier that way.. or at least it makes for a good/funny story or something
xCallToArmsx: but that never makes it right
Xsooobrutalx: so it concieves even more violence because thats all they associate hxc shows with
Xsooobrutalx: a way to get out aggressions
Xsooobrutalx: yeah
xCallToArmsx: well, to an extent it is..
Xsooobrutalx: yeah but like
Xsooobrutalx: let me specify
xCallToArmsx: people take things to teh extreme these days
xCallToArmsx: go ahead..
Xsooobrutalx: they think that maintaining a tough guy appearance and attitude is the only way to gain respect in this scene
Xsooobrutalx: and tough guys will be the first to fight for whatever they think they need to
Xsooobrutalx: say, for instance, getting kicked in the pit
Xsooobrutalx: though EVERYONE gets kicked and what makes them so special, i know not
Xsooobrutalx: but they feel they must ..crap i dont know the word im looking for
Xsooobrutalx: prove themselves or something
xCallToArmsx: yeah
Xsooobrutalx: but yeah its just not hxc in its purest and best state
Xsooobrutalx: its commercialized, abused, and perverted to say the least
xCallToArmsx: i couldn't agree with you more
xCallToArmsx: that's the thing though... 99% of these kids these days.. ARE NOT HARDCORE!!
xCallToArmsx: they jsut listen to the music
Xsooobrutalx: that is somewhat true
xCallToArmsx: there's so much more to something like hardcore music than just listening to it
Xsooobrutalx: seriously
xCallToArmsx: if it were just meant to be listened to, it'd be all over the radio.. top 40 hxc stations and stuff
xCallToArmsx: but it doesnt work that way
xCallToArmsx: basically.. most of these kids are just asses... plain and simple
Xsooobrutalx: well, but some not by their fault
Xsooobrutalx: thats what they think hardcore is
Xsooobrutalx: because thats all theyve been exposed to
xCallToArmsx: i mean, even some of my best friends, the "toughest" guys, whatever.. they're all guilty of it too
Xsooobrutalx: i guess you can say they are at fault for not looking into and looking beyond whats laid in front of their face
Xsooobrutalx: but not many people do that anyways
xCallToArmsx: and i can say that i'm no where near being as hardcore as i should be
xCallToArmsx: exactly
Xsooobrutalx: yeah
Xsooobrutalx: i think the element that is missing here
Xsooobrutalx: is just being humble
xCallToArmsx: they're all about going out and having fun, which is great.. but it's always at someone elses expense.. or they're just showing off
xCallToArmsx: oh totally
Xsooobrutalx: yeah
xCallToArmsx: dude, in that book (i'm glad you said that, because i was thinking about this tonight!!)..
Xsooobrutalx: and a lot of times they dont realize it
xCallToArmsx: there's a part about stuff like this kinda.. and he says one of the most brilliant things..
xCallToArmsx: "you must produce, before you consume"
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